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Why is Pro Series taking part of SE Health insurance from 1095-A and putting it on Sch A?   I have it linked to the Sch C, there is plenty of income on the Sch C.     But if the client does an IRA, lowering their AGI, then the program treats it correctly.  (a portion as SE Health adj and a portion as PTC)

Anyone else seen this issue?    

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@TaxGuyBill  used to be our resident ACA expert in here, he doesnt come around very often anymore, but maybe he'll respond to this tag.

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My client decided to make the IRA contribution, and the numbers work with that deduction.   It's actually  a no brainer, at that income level, the IRA contribution just about pays for itself with the PTC.


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@GailR wrote:

Why is Pro Series taking part of SE Health insurance from 1095-A and putting it on Sch A?

When ProSeries puts part on Schedule A and part as SEHI, that means the calculation doesn't work out nicely.

The calculation for the Premium Tax Credit in combination with the Self Employed Health Insurance deduction is annoying complex.  In some cases, it gives a clean, definite answer.  But in other cases the calculation doesn't work out so nicely and it ends up with a weird 'missing' amount.  When that happens, the Revenue Procedure does NOT say what to do with the 'missing' amount.  So Intuit throws it on Schedule A.

In some cases, even just changing things by a few dollars can trigger the calculation to work out nicely, and avoid that mysterious 'missing' amount.

As you say, contributing to a Traditional IRA is the easiest way to try to make the numbers work out nicely.