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screen view print is very small

Level 1

I recently went to Windows 10 and reinstalled 2017.  The view is so small you can hardly see anything  is there an adjustment to resize the borders 

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Level 15
Level 15

everything is tiny, all the toolbars and menus and text?  or just the tax forms on the screen?   or the fonts in homebase?

Tax forms size can be changed from within a client file  click View > Magnify All Forms and choose a %

Homebase text size can be changed by holding the CTRL key and rolling the mouse wheel

If it's your menu and toolbars, and youve got the program open to full screen, those are controlled by your monitor and display settings in Windows, you'll have to fiddle around with those and maybe reset to defaults.

Level 2

Menu and sidebar very tiny.  Nothing wrong with setup - ProSeries 2017/W10 issue?

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