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Schedule MSP on AZ business returns

Don H
Level 1

Schedule MSP is activating even when the box is checked that it is a 100% Arizona entity.

Schedule MSP is only used if the business is a multi-state business and needs to apportion.  However, we are getting errors because it is not filled out.

Please fix it.


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Level 13

Just discard the form. 

Also noticed that Line C3 now requires the name to be split between first and last.  Wonder who asked for that.  And the SSN of the person signing the return is required unless you check an "SSN Opt-Out" box.  But the number doesn't show up on the printed return anyway?  If that only gets transmitted with an e-file, makes you wonder what else is getting transmitted secretly.  

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Level 2

Problem is that Form 120S, Line 11 still requires an entry for e-filing even after discarding Schedule MSP. Appears to be a programming error given that 2020 is the first year ProSeries allows AZ S corp returns to be e-filed.

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Level 2

Same issue, and discarding Schedule MSP doesn't resolve the e-file error diagnostic for Form 120S. Also, I agree that this schedule is not required for 100% AZ businesses. Thanks for posting about this.

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