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Schedule L Balance Sheet

Level 2

New to proseries and I am unable to get the ending balance of my assets to automatically populate. I have entered the beginning balances and checked to enter on the balance sheet. The prior year ending accumulated depreciation comes over in the current year (10b) and the current year depreciation is not included, but is listed on page 1 of the 1120S....odd. 10a is also blank. I know I am missing something, thank you in advance

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Level 10

Good morning @jake1 ,   go to the Schedule L , line 10a or 10b then right click for options.  Select the last one "About Sch L, 10b(a)" .  You will get instructions which will tell you how to auto populate these items.

I had to do the select and click twice before the instructions popped up.

Level 15

To be honest, I've never used the feature.  I always have a balance sheet or trial balance ready prior to preparing the return so I just plink in the numbers as I go.

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Level 2

Thank you both. I was able to find the box in "entry mode" it was under additional information