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Schedule D

Level 2

I'm working on a trust that has multiple sales of stock....I attached a PDF file showing the sales rather then listing all of them which would take hours.....when I attached the file the dropdown box did not have the choice for form 8949. Does anyone know if I can attach the sales as a PDF or will I have to list all the sales.



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Level 4

I have always used "other" for type and for Form/Schedule I put in Sched D/Stock Sales.  Never had an issue/

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Dave Kropp
Level 3

I just enter the totals for each type - basis reported/not reported and short or long term. So potentially up to 4 lines items for each brokerage statement. I do about 50 of these a year. I've never attached the 1099B and have never received an IRS notice. I've done it this way for at least 5 years. 

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