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rying to efile some 2018 tax returns and I get error code IND-689-01. THE PRIMARY YEAR OF THE RETURN HEADER MUST EQUAL THE PROOCESSING YR.

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What date do you have entered for the 8879 PIN date? 

You need to enter a current date, sounds like you still have 2019 entered.

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I just figured out what fixes Code IND-689-01 for an e-filing rejection.  I had e-filed a 2019 amended personal return in 2019 ProSeries Basic.  It was rejected four times, always with IND-689-01 as the reason Code.  I had many conversations with Intuit and the IRS trying to figure this out.  The thing that worked was this:  on the Federal Information Worksheet, Page 3 under Practioner PIN Program, there is a line Date PIN entered followed by a field for a date.  Put the current date in that field.  I e-filed again (for the 5th time) and it was accepted by the IRS.

What didn't work:  1) Changing the dates on Form 8879 to a date in the current year.  2) Changing the date on the Client Status worksheet for Tax return signed date to a date in the current year.

The IRS rejected the e-filings because the PrimarySignatureDt in the Return Header was not in the current processing year.  Though I was e-filing an amended return for 2019, the processing year is 2021.  So this "PrimarySignatureDt" must be in 2021.  The IRS said that for all my e-filings for this client, (1040, four times trying to e-file 1040X) the PrimarySignatureDt in their records was always 4/12/2020.  The IRS couldn't tell me what this corresponded to in Intuit's software.

I searched all the signing forms and found nothing with this date.  Finally remembered that there was a date field on the Federal Information Worksheet for "Date PIN entered".  Changed this date and it worked.

Lou Ann Waterson

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I have already completed the survey giving Rebecca an excellent review.

Stay well.


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