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Returns rejected because of form 1116 issues

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I have a client whose returns are being rejected by the IRS because of issues with the form 1116. The message I get from the EF Center is "This return could not be processed for e-filing due to incorrect or missing information". 

The resolution is to review information that appears on forms 1116. Verify that the income category boxes at the top of each form are properly checked. There cannot be more than one copy of form 1116 with the same income category checked. The program supports up to three countries on each  copy of form 1116. If income in the same category was received from more than three countries, you must manually prepare and attach the additional copies of form 1116. The return will need to be printed and filed by mail. 

I have done all of this and treated all the OC as one country for passive category purposes so it is showing up on a master 1116 and I have separate 1116's for each of the sources with OC. Has anyone dealt with this issue before and would I have to file the returns manually?

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What basket is this?

What does "I have separate 1116's for each of the sources with OC" mean?

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