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Return not eligible for electronic filing

Level 1

Why am I getting an error that shows:


Your client's federal return is not eligible for electronic filing due to the following reason:

The tax withheld of $x,xxx as shown on Form 1040 is greater than or equal to $0, the sum of income from following sources:

Followed by a list of sources.

The list of sources includes the W-2's that have the tax withholding on them.

"These rules are set by the Internal Revenue Service Electronic Tax Administration."

Note that this return includes an NOL carryforward.

Is there a way to change the return that would still make it eligible for electronic filing?

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Level 15

Nope - need to paper file.

I'm keeping this job. But I am selling surplus anvils on the side. If you are interested please call 867-5309
Level 15
Level 15

Ive got a few of these, have to paper file, it sucks.   

Level 14

Your government has chosen not to buy computers that could perform the simple task these days of matching W-2 and 1099 withholding to an SSN-based file of individual taxpayers.  Fraudsters have known for decades that they can make up their own W-2 with lots of withholding and get it past IRS.  There are those who think investment in technology would be a better choice than some of the other things we spend money on.