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Reports not showing information after i split an asset and did a disposal

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I am working in 2019 Fixed Asset Manager.  I took an asset from 2016 and split it, then did a disposal of one of those newly formed assets in 2019.  Neither of the new assets are showing up on the Depreciation by Category report I run, nor is the disposed asset showing up on my Disposition reports.  I have gone back into the schedule of assets to be sure that i saved the disposal - i did.  Do i need to delete the original asset from my schedule of assets in order to have the reports run properly?

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Level 10

If they are showing up in the HomeBase…. they should show up on Category report even if you didn't put one for them.

first thing I would do... is look at the dates for the 2 'new assets'..

so... to be sure... you changed the original asset to 1/2 of original info...(including acc dep)… and then created another asset # for the other half with the same acq date, 1/2 of acc dep to date... and a disposal date in 2019.  or you created 2 completely new asset #s with org acq dates and 1/2 of info..and had the disposal of one in 2019..and deleted the original asset #.

having the old asset still in homebased would not impact the new ones showing up...

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I am having the same problem with the 2021 FAM program.

Did you ever figure out how to handle this issue?

I split the original asset according to the FAM instructions and then entered the disposal information for the new split asset that was sold. There were 4 assets combined in the original asset so 25% was split to the disposed asset. The Sec. 179 amounts were allocated correctly.

The FAM Depreciation by Category report doesn't show the sale at the bottom of the report as usual. Even the disposal report say there are no disposals in 2021.

I don't want to export to PS and have everything messed up in the PS asset/depreciation report and then have to manually enter all assets in PS for future use since the FAM program may be messed up.

Thank you for your help.

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