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Repayment of excess advance premium tax credit?

Heather M
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Has any one figured out a way to elect out of the repayment, or are we still waiting on an update from proseries?

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There was an update a couple of days ago.  Go to your computer start menu and click on ProSeries and then click repair updates -------- unless you just haven't run an update in the last couple of days.

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I just opened a previously filed return and it shows that change and pulls up a 1040X showing the reduction in tax. The amount of excess credit repayment is gone from schedule 2.

Ive been doing some "Google Research" and I cannot tell if the IRS has issued the expected guidance on this issue: re: whether to amend, or wait and see if the IRS is able to make automatic changes - like they are supposedly doing for the Unemployment.



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Thankyou for that - I actually got to call a client today and tell them not to mail that $5K + check!

I enjoy those phone calls and really made her weekend as well.

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"and I cannot tell if the IRS has issued the expected guidance on this issue"

You don't need Google.

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