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Renewal pricing and products

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For 30 years I've been a loyal proseries customer, and went to pay per return when I started scaling back my business.  I am now retired and only prepare 6 individual (family) returns.  The best Intuit product to meet my needs is now the Basic20, primarily because it's forms based and has the planner worksheets.  I do not like the direct entry format of the online proconnect module.  Customer service has informed me that I cannot purchase the Basic 20 as it's only for new customers.  What???  Can anyone offer suggestions?  

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You were a loyal customer for thirty years and in my opinion they should have given you complimentary software to prepare your six family returns.... loyalty and honor are good business practices in my opinion...

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"loyalty and honor are good business practices in my opinion"

Those words don't appear in the Intuit dictionary. 😬

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You don't have a loyal family member who will sign up for a new account?  Of course, that might complicate PTIN's and e-filing.

You were a loyal customer, and they were loyal about taking your money.  Sounds to me like a win/win situation, while it lasted.  

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@d-walker1 wrote:

I am now retired and only prepare 6 individual (family) returns.


If you are not charging a fee to your family, sadly, TurboTax might be your best option.

If you use the CD version (don't use the online version), there is a way to enter data directly onto the forms (rather than the step-by-step questions), and the forms are either identical or extremely similar to ProSeries, so it should be easy to do.  You won't be able to transfer from ProSeries to TurboTax, so you would need to manually input everything the first year.  It can e-file 5 returns, so the 6th will need to be mailed.