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refund delays

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I have several clients that submitted their returns on January 30, 2021 for their taxes via E-File.   They have still yet to receive their refunds.   When I call, it seems as though all of the lines will not allow you to speak to a live person.  Is there any other way to get this information on these refunds?  

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The efiling opened Feb 12. I don't know what they used to "submit" Jan 30, for IRS.

The IRS tells you to wait at least 21 days. That would be from the opening of filing, Feb 12. Not Jan 30.

You can go to Where's My Refund to check status. That's what the IRS has posted to do.

And the Congressional Changes are retroactive. That means things are slowed down a lot.

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"When I call, it seems as though all of the lines will not allow you to speak to a live person"

Have you had better luck trying to talk to a dead person?

The IRS started the filing system late.  Washington decided tax season was a good time to change tax laws for the prior year, as well as send out another batch of stimulus payments.  Not to mention that the IRS was still busy processing stuff from last year.  Everybody just needs to a have a little more patience this year.

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👍 patience