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Refund Advantage Loan amounts - how to choose

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There is not a way to choose the amount of the loan in Proseries Professional for the MetaBank Refund Advantage program.   The customer has to be able to sign off on a document agreeing to 36% interest in the cases where they choose a loan greater than $1,000.   Proseries support is clueless about how to do this and claims the "disbursement o

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That 36% interest certainly seems fair.  That's a great service being provided to folks that really need the money 😬

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Level 2

You missed the point of my post.  Customers cannot get a loan more than $1,000 due to some limitation between Refund Advantage and Intuit.  It does not make sense since Refund Advantage offers loans up to $6,000 through other platforms. Neither Intuit or Refund Advantage make this limitation clear when we signed up for the program.


Hi @gparch1 , sorry to hear that the limitation was not made clear when you signed up. 

Just for others who have the same question / still have questions, details are mentioned in this article, under the section "New for 2020 ProSeries..."