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THIS - is why I became a CPA

Level 9

Got a call this morning. I haven't filed my personal or corporate taxes since 2004. I'd like to get it done within the week.  How much would you charge?

My reply was - how about nothing as I am unable to take this on.

My assistant said I should have done my Dr. Evil's voice and said "one million dollars".  That's for those of you old enough to remember Austin Powers.


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Level 15

I don't remember who it was, but someone posted the other day saying they lost a client to a "tax preparer" that was going to charge $15 to prepare their return.  Sounds like a 16 year return bundle and a $15 return preparer would be a good match.  Maybe their stars will align and find each other.  Seriously though, someone is clueless enough to call up a professional tax preparer the last week of March and expect them take on a project like that and have it done in a week?  Luckily they called - I'm guessing there would have been some strong urges to strangle the idiot for asking something so stupid.

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Level 5

i remember the days of "income averaging" and the 40% tax on long term capital gains"

but unfamilar with austin

regards, LARRY

stay safe

Level 8

How about "The Fee (to be paid before starting) will be enough for me to retire now."