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Ten Key

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Is anyone else have trouble that when you are connected to Pro Series that your keyboard 10 doesn't work?  If I go out of Pro Series my 10 key words, but if Pro Series is open and I minimize to go to another program the 10 key won't work unless I close Pro Series.  Very hard to work when you prefer to use a 10 key and not the typewriter numbers.  And I checked to see if my num lock was on. 

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Level 15
Level 15

Ive never experienced that....just now, I have ProSeries open and my 10key works just fine   123456789, opened a Word document, works in there too. 

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I was having problems with the 10-Key yesterday, entering some numbers on a website.  I probably had ProSeries open.  But what I figured out was that if I moved my keyboard a few inches to the left, the problem went away.  I think it had something to do with the wireless connection from keyboard to console, and my cluttered desk.  If ProSeries was open, I know I didn't close it.  

Many of my clients comment on my keyboard made of wood and I always have to correct them that it is made of grass.  




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