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State Return not linked to Federal return after SLIT MFJ Return Feature

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Client wanted to file federal joint and three states married filing separate.  I called Intuit and and the technician through Smartlock help me with the MFJ Return feature. Everything went well, I thought.  She was going to help me file the returns but I has to clean up some things. When I did try to file the Federal return it was locked by another user.  I had to call Intuit back and get another technician to help. We renamed the file.  I have been able to send two of the state files. But I have not been able to send the last one.  I have combed through the various problems and answers on this community discussion and nothing works. The error response I get is as follows.  "The IRS requires that all linked stat returns be filed after or in conjunction with the Federal return. You must wait to file this state return until the Federal Return is being filed as well...."  The Federal return was filed .  I did not have this problem with the other two states.  I was told I had to file the Federal wait until it was accepted then file the states.  Need help.

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It seems like you split the file AFTER the Federal was filed.  Is that correct?  If so, that is why.  The program can't 'see' that the Federal was filed.

Can you use the original file before the split to file the State?  Otherwise, you may need to file by mail.  As for why the other States went through, States have different requirements, and some don't need the Federal filed along with the State.

As a side note, have you double checked that filing the States Separately is allowed with a Joint Federal return?  Many (maybe most?) States require it to be the same filing status as the Federal.  It would seem quite unusual if you have three States that all allow to file differently than Federal.

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No, I split the file before filing.

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