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Level 2

Time to kill the Captcha bottleneck!  I have two-factor turned on so why do I have to pass the Captcha nonsense and THEN have to enter the code received on my phone.  Keep in mind that after every update or time-out using the software, it takes passing Captcha AND the two-factor access to resume working.

This is nonsense and a complete waste of my time just to get back into the software to resume or start work.  Whoever decided to force Captch onto us, especially with two-factor authorization, is completely out of touch with the user community.

Turn it off!

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Level 15
Level 15

Captcha was a menace last year, I haven't had it pop up at all this year that I recall, I don't have MFA turned on though, it was too big of a hassle for me.....does it still happen if you turn MFA off? 

Im wondering if the 2 things are connected.

Level 11
Level 11

Try deleting your cookies, if that doesn't work uninstall your browser, and reinstall. Thats what I did last year and haven't had a problem since 

Level 3

Thank you so much for bringing it up in this discussion.

Yes, the Captcha, is just a waist of time. Looks like someone had nothing else to do and so thought of

putting another security bull****.

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