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Lisa Eddie again. I know about signature forms being signed before submitted. I was sending an extension for lady who has terminal cancer. accidentally e-filed.

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Lisa Eddie again. Know signature forms are signed before being submitted. Guess I Can make mistakes like intuit myself .Her extension was already filed. She called to make sure I sent her extension?
I forgot I had. I was nervous because this lady has terminal cancer. I was not trying to e-file. Thanks
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Level 15
Ohhh, you meant to send an extension and sent the whole return? You must have cleared all the errors (you dont need to do that when filing an extension) for it to Efile like that....I havent accidentally sent one in a long time, I always leave an error hanging out there to save me from myself! 🙂

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No one is judging.  Just offering some friendly advise on how we keep ourselves from doing that same thing.  I've sent a client with no information on the return because I confused his return with his twin brother....names were too similar and I was tired. 😞    Never figured out how it passed the error checking.

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Your first topic is right here:


And that is where you go to update and discuss your issue for the peer users that volunteered to be helpful to find it all in one place. No need to keep starting a new topic. This is not Chat. It's a text-based discussion forum on the internet. It helps to update the same topic, when the issue is the same issue as you first started that topic. Thanks.

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