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Form 2555 error message stating qualifying days for foreign earned income exclusion aren't calculated

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I have been receiving a Form 2555 error message stating qualifying days for foreign earned income exclusion aren't calculated on all of my overseas clients.  I have redone these tax returns many times, and even uninstalled and reinstalled the ProSeries 1040 module, thinking either it was my input errors or an update error, only to discover that this error message won't go away.

I finally did a search in the community only to discover many ProSeries users have been experiencing the same error.

Mistakes happen; however, good retailers own up to them and stand behind their product.  How come I did not receive any communications from ProSeries about this error, preventing me from wasting hours and hours of my time trying to overcome this error message?

ProSeries not only makes these errors but fails to take responsibility for them and alert its users about these errors.  And when will ProSeries finally get around to correcting this error?  Has anyone yet to be informed?  It's the height of tax season now! 

And who the heck reviews this software to ensure there are no errors?  Its programmers in Bombay or Manilla?

ProSeries really sucks.  We all should be compensated for this error.  Lousy customer service and product.

Never ProSeries again.  Never.

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Because Intuit's middle name ain't Communication.  But after reading your post, someone might forward your post to a team that will pass this on to another team who will say "wow, we should pass this on to another team" who can say, "that team was right we should kick this over to another team" who will then say, "are we the right team to deal with this" and then throw it over to another team, who will push it over to another team, etc, etc, etc, etc, until they run out of teams.  But they appreciate your input.

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Like Walmart, ProSeries underpays it employees/independent contractors (really employees...LOL), outsourcing overseas as much as possible.  Try obtaining the email or last name of any employee in ProSeries?  LOL.  Of course, ProSeries has your credit card info, your name, address, phone number, etc. of you.

I don't blame the employees working in the trenches; I blame upper management with its sole commitment to the bottom line and screw everyone else.

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Having the same problem here with the 2555 error message.
I'm a long time, happy ProSeries user.  Usually, these issues get resolved quickly.
I called them...they know they have a problem.
Hopefully, a timely update will get us rolling again. 

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I called, too.  They have known about it for at least 5 days; others have called, too.

This is the height of tax season.  I asked when it would be resolved.  They don't know.

5 days and they don't know when it will be resolved?!

Glad you're happy; many of us are not.

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I've just added to the complaint list at ProSeries regarding this issue and he assured me they were working on it and hoped to have an answer "soon".  In the meantime, i discovered that unchecking the ck for errors box when efiling, will get the return efiled.  My returns are calculating correctly, it is just this annoying error message.  Mine have gone thru and been accepted by unchecking that box when e-filing.

Level 2

I have been waiting for an update to fix this error message (10 days since April 20). The only way to Efile is unchecking option "Enable conversion error checking" at your own risk assuming everything is correct on Form 2555. It is frustrated and disappointed that Professional Proseries is having a bug or issues with a Form by the end of April and taking more than 10 days to fix the problem after it was reported. I lost time and money first trying to figure out the problem even deleting the entire return and transfer the client again and also deleting the form itself and filling out all the information. Tech Support just said 'WAIT' for the upcoming udate. WHEN?????????????? This is not DRAKE or ATX !!!! We paid 3 to 4 times more or thousands of dollars to get this by end of APRIL!!!! NO MORE COMMENTS

Level 2

I agree.  ProSeries fees keep going up and up and up; and its service keeps going down and down and down.  It appears that ProSeries will move all of its support and staff to Manila soon.

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