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Filing electronically over the last three days, with no response from IRS

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We have filed several personal tax returns over the last three days.  All of them are Sent to the IRS. We have received no acceptance from the IRS over the last three days , ie June 22, 23, and 24. Is anyone else having this issue with response from IRS? 

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This is part of the same issue that an alert was sent out about on Tuesday morning...if you missed the alert you can read it again by going to Information (top menu bar of the program) > View Alerts

Once the issue is fixed on the IRS side, Im guessing IRS will officially reject the returns and then they can be resubmitted for acceptance...this is how its worked in the past when things like this have happened.

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I have similar issues but with a difference.  E-filed 11:44 AM - sent to IRS with a submission id.

another one sent at 12:30 accepted fed and state.  Another one 5:00 sent to IRS/submission id.

Another one 5:20 PM sent accepted fed and state.  All on Tues 6-22.

Yesterday parents and daughter sent at 5:00 PM. Daughter accepted - parents with submission id

Called E-help desk this morning/they unable to take calls

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