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Direct Deposit for Stimulus Payments ... With TurboTax

Level 15

What the heck is up with this?  Taxpayers can register their bank information with TURBOTAX for the Stimulus payments.  They even need to set up a TurboTax account.  Maybe they are actually filing a simple return?

It's sad that TurboTax beat the IRS to it.




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Level 15

There was a post this morning about the great philanthropic organization called Intuit.  As we know FREE isn’t in Intuit’s vocabulary so there is either some fine print when you sign up, or the IRS paid them to do it, or our costs are going up next year to cover the cost.  In any case, how long before the first bug hits the program?

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I think it is very curious that Turbo Tax (somewhat free) can get this up and running while leaving PROSERIES users (we the paying professionals) get left in the dirt with our issues.   just a little frustrated-sorry

Level 15
Level 15

I saw some screen shots from that stimulus registration app....

Its just putting $1 in interest and filing a return for free...I dont know how thats getting the banking info to IRS......oh, but the screen shot I saw said this...so maybe its putting $1 in withholding as well? 

 Ahhhh, ok, TT is just holding the info until the IRS Stimulus Registration Portal is open then it can funnel taxpayer info to IRS, it wont really be filing a return.


Level 15

So, like I said in the other post, that's just for people who don't need to file because this will essentially file a nil return with the IRS.

Intuit must have seen all the questions about direct deposit info for balance due returns these last couple days.  This latest venture shows that the info can be transmitted for processing even when there's not a refund due.  Do you think we'd hear from Intuit?/s


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