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dependent exemption and HOH

Level 1

Adult child aged 31 has been receiving disability for years and does not file her own tax return. Where in ProSeries do I make the entries to allow taxpayer to claim her as a dependent exemption and head of household status? She does fall into the other qualifications. I'm researching IRS websites now to be sure taxpayer can claim both. 

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Level 11

In the Dependent area on the parents' return.

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Level 1

Thank you, but when I do that, this error message pops up - Dependent's SSN should not be the same as the SSN of the qualifying child f HOH.

Is there a place to click 'disabled'?

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Level 9

Do not enter the dependents information in the HOH section unless the child is NOT a dependent but only a qualifier for HOH.   Yes, under EIC dropdown menu you can select "D" for disabled child.