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Deleting dependent with education expenses

Level 3

Scenario: Transferred a return from 2018 to 2019.

2018 return has 5 dependents, 4 of which are college age.

I asked taxpayer if the college age kids were FT students, lived with them for 12 months, had education expenses, got 1098-Ts, etc. Then I entered all of the info.

Later, I find out that the oldest two were not FT students, and exceeded the income limit.  So, I go to take them off of the return.

I try working backwards, by deleting the 1098-T info first, then un-checking the box on the Gen Info worksheet that indicates the student has qualified education expenses.  Then I delete the student info worksheet.  ProSeries keeps putting it back.

If I also delete the student (delete the dependent on the info worksheet), it leaves a worksheet that is now “unattached” to a student.  Worse yet, it appears that ProSeries has taken data from the remaining valid student worksheets and moved it to "Untitled" Dependent Student Info Worksheets. 

Finally, I cannot remove these "untitled" worksheets, either with "CTRL-W" or by opening the worksheet, then going to "Forms->Remove Student Info". 

It is the worksheet that cannot be killed!  Any help will be appreciated.


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Level 14

Was the "at least half-time student" box checked on the 1098-T ?  Their understanding of full-time student may be different from the Code definition.  

On the other hand, the kids might demand not being claimed so that they get the $1,200 payment, perhaps along with an education credit.  

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Level 3

Neither was at least half-time.  That's why I needed to remove them.  One has already filed a tax return.

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Level 7

seen this.. seems to be stuck in loop.. the order of deletion is key

i think the order is delete in order

  • 1099-Q, if any
  • 1099 - T
  • dependent from federal information worksheet
  • if student worksheet still there, try and delete it 

see if that removes the student worksheet. if not try and click No on top of that worksheet

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Level 3

Agree.  I tried to delete in the reverse order that I created.

No 1099-Qs for either.  There was one 1098-T, which I deleted.

It will not let me delete the dependent student worksheet.  If I do, it just adds one back, even though I removed the two people from the Info worksheet entirely.

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Level 1

I have been in this situation before. Here is what I did:

Delete 1099-Q

Remove link of Dependent from 1099-T, then delete 1099-T

In Info Wks, manually delete the constants in each boxes, make the Student Info-D "untitled"

In Student Info-D (untitled), press Ctrl+W


Hope it helps!