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conversion from Ultratax CS error

Level 1

I am trying to convert 2018 UltraTax CS files.  Getting a Corrupt Files error.

However, I am not sure I am doing it correctly.

From Proseries 2019, I start the conversion process on my server.  I have a folder named C:\ConversionData\1040\{client name} .  The backup files are in that clients folder.  There are about 300 of these.  I have included the CltList.WT8 in both the  ConversionData and 1040 folders.

Yet I am still getting the corrupt files error.

Any suggestions?

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Level 15

If all of the files are coming up as corrupt, you might want to give support a call.

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Were you able to resolve this?

Did you have the ut client installed on the server as well?

How did your conversion go?


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We were unable to complete the conversion.  Just never worked and could not figure out why.  We had the software installed that generated the 2018 tax returns.  We tried saving the returns with different options.  And then importing them different ways.  We were able to get past a few of the errors, but, were unable to import the data and use it in QB.  We had to move on and have been using printed and PDF copies of the returns to do our work.  

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