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Cancel eSignature to Change Email Address

Level 2

How do I change the email address on an eSignature request? We sent the request and then voided it, but can't change the email. It just keeps resending the same request to the wrong email. 

I tried to log into Docusign, but I don't see anything about Proseries request in my account. 

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While I'm not sure that your question is directly answered here, here are two great resources for eSignature questions:

  1. https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/manage-integrations/help/intuit-esignature-faqs-resource-gui...
  2. https://proconnect.intuit.com/esignature/proseries-resources/

Did you update the email address on the actual client file after voiding the initial request?  And save the client file?  And once you did, if you go to your eSignature dashboard do you see the new or old email address there?

If you've done all this and it still reflects as the old email, i recommend doing a SAVE AS of your client file that has the new email, and sending the eSignature request from the newly created (save as) file.

Level 2

I changed the email address in the client file and it did not work after I voided and resent the eisignature.

I then saved the file as a new file in a different area.  Added it back and updated the email address, went over to esignatrure and it still sent it to the old email address. To no avail, it did not work. Stayed on the line with a rep for an hour and we were both stumped, could  not edit.  The video does not reflect the actual access we have on the dashboard.  There is not an option to edit the email address.

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Level 3

I voided my request with the bad email from the esignature dashboard. 

Then I changed the email in the tax file. Hit F9 & F10 just because that seems to be the thing to do with Proseries.

Then I chose "save as" and renamed the file. 

I went to the efile center. There were two files showing for the client. I went into the first file and unchecked the efile federal and state buttons. That left the newly re-named file in the efile center.

I was able to request signature and it had the updated correct email on it. 

Those are the exact steps I took and it worked. Hopefully this helps someone else!

Level 1

Although I use Lacerte, this post helped me to right the situation with an incorrect email account for a client.  I was able to copy the client in Lacerte and then resend the e-signature request.  Thank you!

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