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Anyone having trouble with the part year allocation pages opening? stops at page 5

Level 2

I can't get past my errors on one return, have run updates for page 5 of the part year allocation worksheet.

I have gone into each state and allocated hoping that would help, have run so many updates I could scream. Anyone else having this issue? Our "Administration" has screwed up so much that we are running grossly behind. Any help other than getting on the phone for 2 hours with ProSeries would be grateful.

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Level 15
Level 15
Is it just cut off and blank? I think thats a display issue

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Level 11

I have not done any part-year allocations yet this year... In Prior years it could sometimes require a little bit more attention and sometimes a challenge to get everything to flow through correctly... If you can't fix efile errors, then ask the client if they want to mail the returns if permissible... Just my opinion good luck

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