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I decided to add Web Hosting for the extra security and flexibility I THOUGHT it would provide.  And in a limited way it does, by having you sign in twice, then enter a code, and possibly sign in within the session.  And having everything you do limited to one screen sucks.  Multiple users is great, and it can be used on a 2nd computer.... but not at the same time!  Smh.  My network install works better honestly. 

Has anyone else joined the web based platform and found it disappointing?  I try not to complain, but I just can't believe Intuit rushed this platform out and it lacks sooo much in my opinion.  Smh.  Web Hosting was not up to my expectations and I am super disappointed. intuit rushed to deliver a product that is not very user friendly, doesn't seem complete and is not configured to best service for the people paying for it.  From the account set up, 5 HOUR install that the sales rep said would be 30-40 minutes..... to the printing options, limited Adobe function (No Pro), all the manual work that WE as the customer will do, it was all quite disappointing. I only got 3 years worth of data done because it takes so long!  I could go on and on. But I have to get back to work... Lol.


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Disappointment is Intuit’s middle name.  I didn’t go that route because I already have enough disappointments during tax season and I didn’t want more.

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Please stop Spamming this forum.

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You are using the Real Networks product?  It does allow you to use two monitors.  When you click to open the Real Networks desktop click on options then display and you can select both monitors or a portion