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1065 issue

Level 1

program is demanding (in red) that I enter a PR entity name and address.......  and there is none. And when I do to make is happy, it yells at me that since the PR is a social security number that this section should be blank....... which I already knew. So......... is anyone else having this issue??  I have efiled other 1065's and no problems...........  

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Level 8
Level 8

I have not tested this but if you’re certain the return is correct try efile with error checking turned off. There’s a checkbox in the efile center that allows you to turn off error checking 

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Level 15
Level 15

I feel like I saw someone else make this complaint in the last few weeks, not sure if it was ever resolved though...I haven't seen this issue with any of my 1065 returns.

Level 12
Level 12

I would try and "refresh up dates", and if that doesn't work then do as Skylane suggested 

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