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Qualified Business Income Deduction

Level 8

Hi online community, 

Is all Ordinary Business income from K-1 for a partnership 1065 qualified for the QBID. I read it is supposed to be included in Box 20, code z. How does proseries treat this transaction. I tried one example in the 2020 software and it is not calculating the deduction. Any thoughts about that. 


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Level 15

Which side of the calculation are you working on -  the F1065 or F1040  ?

It worked fine for me for my F1065s.   F1065 K1 statement has a QuickZoom to Sec199A worksheet

If you import the K1 into F1040 you have to manually enter Box20 Code Z.    Look for the Code Z 199A  Quickzoom just below Box 20

Level 13

Dkh is right, I had no problems with this and pro series did a good job on this... just take your time and make sure you enter everything...

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