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QBI allocated to partners

Level 1

QBI from commercial rental property is reported on Summary 199A report but is not being reported on individual partners' 199A from

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Level 15

Did you import the K-1 into the 1040?  Have you completed the info at the bottom of the K-1 worksheet on the 1040 side of things?

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I thnk your talking about the QBI limits?  You have to yourself  input these limits into the k1 … In any event  the K 1  to the 1040 ,  and on the 1040 file,  must be inputed in order to compute any QBI for the commercial enterprise..


That's my experience. Hope this helps..the amounts upon which the limits are referred  are usually the QBI  amount,  the total wages paid,  and the Unadjusted basis in assets...