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Proseries support

Level 2

Does anyone else feel that as a Professional user with over 20 years of paying 6k plus per year the support experience should be more professional, easier to access and should not have to wait an hour to talk to someone every time you call.

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Level 15

We probably all do.

Try posting your issue here and see if your volunteer peer users can help.

Level 8

Here is the real question - how can we contact someone high enough at ProSeries to let them know our concerns?  You are correct, I've spent well over $150,000 with ProSeries and all we get is a tech support person every once in a while to answer a question from this board.

Yes, money talks if we all walk but we're not walking for many reasons previously stated.

Someone in ProSeries needs to respond to our concerns.

Level 3

Customer service is horrible to non-existent.  I rarely need it so when I have to call I've exhausted all other online searches. One of these off-seasons I will actually switch away from Proseries to a company that has proven customer support in times of need.   Intuit senior management could care less about us as long as they get their annual fee increases. 

Level 15

Deja-vu all over again.  These discussions seem to occur every year and every year everybody is leaving for the Promised Land and yet pretty much nobody leaves.  Not to defend Intuit, but one of the big issues with support is the misuse of support.  For anybody that visits here with any regularity, you can see how many stupid questions pop up here.  Now multiply that by how many times for folks that call up support asking "my client received a form 1099DIV, where do I enter that", or "it's 12:01 of opening of e-filing, how come my returns aren't accepted yet".  If support time was just used for real legit software issues, it wouldn't be the frustrating mess it is these days.

This week's special - free roadrunner dinner with every return (legal disclaimer - you catch it and we'll cook it)
Level 8

We all agree with you IRonMaN.  But at roughly $7,000 per use x 50,000 users, even though some are Basic or Pay Per Return only, ProSeries can afford a few customer support people.

I still wonder why Intuit still has ProSeries, Lacerte, Proconnect when they could consolidate.

And yes, many of the questions are problems with our own computers, but still..........

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Level 3

It's nice to have somewhere to vent, if nothing less.  I hear what you're saying about routine questions gumming up the works for the rest of us with legitimate questions but Intuit has to solve for that. It's what they get paid for. Customers with real questions who have done their research before calling shouldn't be penalized with poor support.  Intuit needs to re-think their communications, staffing and how they can better use online resources.  The community can be fun sometimes but doesn't yield the quick answers we need.  Many unsolved requests fall into the black hole as they don't always follow through when they promise to call you back.  Back to work...

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Level 4

My complaint is that when I do wait it out - sorry you guys can't solve programming issues - and I get someone that knows less about the software than I do.  There should be an email to let them know about programming issues that they probably aren't aware of so that it can be fixed.  Also they should make it easier for the new people to move complicated calls up the food chain to someone that understands the issue and can actually help.

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Level 1

I agree and I'm glad you asked.  Their support is terrible and unacceptable.  I don't know how someone can feel this is acceptable; I would be ashamed if I offered that kind of support!

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