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Proseries & outside software integration suggestions

Level 2

Hello - I am a solo practitioner using ProSeries for over 10 years and am working on streamlining my workflow.  I already use SmartVault integrated with ProSeries which helps.

Does anyone out there use any additional integrated software (or if it is really awesome and not integrated) to make the tax prep process more efficient? 

Neither GruntWorx or SurePrep integrate with ProSeries.

Thanks much in advance.


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Level 9

I've been a ProSeries customer for close to a million years.  I also use SmartVault.  I agree the data scan programs you mention do not work with ProSeries.  But from what I read I'm not too upset by that.  Because W-2's, 1099's, 1098's, K-1's, etc. are not standardized (why the IRS doesn't mandate this I'll never know) I really don't want to spend more time reviewing whether the import or the scan worked correctly or not.  

For the fact that so many people have problems with Link, E-signature, ProSeries Cloud servers, etc. I don't need more headaches of that either.

I'm not looking for integration.  I'm looking for more features.  For example in Maryland we have to file an annual Personal Property Tax Return. We have the data in Fixed Asset reporting, why can't Intuit just complete this return?

I have many clients who have proprietary software that is great. And QuickBooks is great.  But sometimes the link between the two sucks and we waste more time trying to figure out why inventory is negative $1m and the balance sheet is out of balance, etc.  I'm at the age where I want simplicity.


Level 2

I hear you and thanks so much for your input! I am exploring all the ways to enhance my workflow for maximum efficiencies and am now digging deeper into what ProSeries is capable of before trying to find outside fixes.

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