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ProSeries is screwing it's long term customers & could care less.

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I have been a Proseries user 25+ years.  Since before windows if anybody can remember that.  Now semi-retired & have a smaller number of clients, about 200.  If I renew Proseries for 2020 it will run me about $3500.  (I have about 20 1041's so that program is about an extra $1,000). I had seen on the website that there is  a Proseries package called Choice 200.  It limits you to 200 returns so it seemed like a good fit for me. Cost is about $1,600.  But when I called today I found out it's only available to NEW customers, not available to existing customers.  I could not believe it!!   I've been a faithful customer for 25+ years, paid them gobs of money over the years, but they are willing to give somebody new a good deal & let me walk. Talk about NO LOYALTY!! I talked to 3 different people & got nowhere. One of them just about hung up on me & the others didn't really care if I left or not.  So now I'm venting........

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Many of us long-timers feel the seem way, maybe not for your specific reason.  High prices, less than perfect customer services, buggy software, lack of updates we request, lack of information on updates, lack of forms, etc., etc.  A reasonable person might ask why do we stay with ProSeries?  First, we're too old and tired to learn a new software. Then the conversion process is most likely a nightmare (was the passive loss carryover missed or what...) and finally, it's one of the only software's that is tax form based, rather than input sheet based.  We feel your pain and we agree with you.  Good post.

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  • Actually, you have to be impressed with Intuit.  Nobody tries harder to piss off their customers more than they do, but yet very few mice ever seem to leave the sinking ship.  I don’t know if we are all too stupid or too lazy to change, but **bleep** about Intuit on this forum has been happening for as long as this forum has been around.  For the record, the official counter for complaints is now at 8,876,456,123.

edit - I see I have been bleeped.  Just add the letter b in front of itching and you will be able to decode my post.

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Thanks for the reply, not much more I can say.  Of course a supervisor was supposed to call me back, I won't hold my breath.

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Well said,  -- I have used ProSeries, Lacerte & TurboTax forever, -- was a beta tester for them back in the 80's., -- they were Chipsoft & Macintax.  They have gone downhill the last 5 years.  And they don't care.  DYK you have to change your display settings to see a 1065 balance sheet on screen for 2019 ... and better keep a Windows 7 computer running in case you  have to go into prior years.   Intuit has been unable to get some state, & especially multi-state returns right for years.