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Proseries has absolutely failed on this 199A issue with 1041 tax returns

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Just to let everyone know that there is a significant issue going on with the 1041 tax program.

When you put 199A dividend information into box 5 of the interest/dividend worksheet the information does not produce a 199A Statement A type of statement that would go with each of the benefiary K-1 forms at all when all the income is going to be distributed to each of the beneficiaries K-1 form.

This happens with the 2018 1041 proseries professinal program.

It does not happen at all with the 2019 1041 program.

The software people failed to acknowledge there is any issue.

The issue can be solved technically by creating a fictious Schedule C form thus the 199A dividend and statement A for each K-1 Form is created.  Or you can manually attempt to the information into each of the k-1 forms for the beneficiaries even though the tax program itself should be doing this for you instead of manually trying to do it.

Proseries has abosolutely failed on this.

We pay a lot of money for this software and this lack of effort to fix this in the middle of tax season is absoluately unacceptable.

This should have been fixed in January and not in the end of February.

You are holding up filing 1041 tax returns when this issue is easy to solve.

You wait on hold for 9 thousand hours trying to get someone to help and no body wants to help.

Complete failure on proseries software people.  

Fix this issue because it was not an issue on the 2018 1041 tax program.










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Level 15

"This happens with the 2018 1041 proseries professinal program.

It does not happen at all with the 2019 1041 program."


So is it a 2019 issue or a 2018 issue?

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I feel the same and it is a 2019 issue.  Form 8995 says DO NOT FILE although it also says form can be printed and does not show up in an error check for e-file.  So I have no way of knowing if I manually calculate the 199A if I will be able to e-file.   I am down to the wire and I need the K-1 for the Farm 1040 clients so I am starting the manual calc process.  Step one was to print the K-1 for each beneficiary and the program crashed.  JUNK absolute JUNK!  

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Experiencing the same problem on network workstations.  However, the problem does not appear on a stand alone system used by a staff member working remotely.  The stand alone system automatically handles the 199a and REIT dividend transfer to each K-1 on the Statement A.  The same data file used on our network with the same 1041 version does not handle the 199a K-1 disclosures.  You tell me ProSeries????

Every year ProSeries 1041 software has a major malfunction.  The downtime is costing dollars and frustration.  I have been using this software since they began, and I have about reached my limit.


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