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Proseries Basic software not loading

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Professional  is fine but basic will not open since last thursday!!

It says protax 2020 application error? 

When I try and open from the website it says something is wrong on their end and

they're on it!  Really?  

Tried calling and wait time in excess of hour 

shouldn't they we telling us something!

Terrible communications

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I'm sorry for the frustration.  

My guess is that at some point an update partially failed.

Can you,

- Go to the Windows Start Menu

- Try ProSeries Basic Edition 2020 -> Tools Repair Updates

- Launch Basic


If that doesn't work, can you

- Open File Explorer

- Navigate to your installation directory (probably c:\BasWin20)

- Navigate into \32bit\logs

- Email proseries.txt to proseries_engineering@intuit.com

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FYI, for history / google purposes..

AVG was blocking our executable from running. Uninstalling did the trick..  I suspect whitelisting our executable and/or folders would have done so as well.

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