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Problems with multiple blank pages printing with Preparer Copy

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We have noticed on several occasions now that when we print Prepare Copies of the returns, they print out 1052 or so pages, mostly blank.  Can this be fixed?

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Hi lalaurence,

Can you try the troubleshooting steps noted under Options available in ProSeries Professional in the following article: https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/printers-and-printing/help/attempting-to-print-in-proseries-...

Printing to PDF or selecting the option to Print directly to Adobe® Acrobat® Reader® have been found to resolve similar printing issues.

- Angela



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After much consternation, I have narrowed the problem down to tax returns for which I have entered a note and then checked the box at the bottom of the note indicating that the note is to be transmitted as part of the tax return.  Clicking on the troubleshooting link will give you a workaround, but not the solution I was hoping for.  Now, when I print a hardcopy of a return with a note that is to be transmitted with the return, I have 2 options: (1) I either un-check the box at the bottom of the note, then print the hardcopy, and then go back to the note and re-check the box, or (2) I click on the [Print preview] box when I want to print, and when the forms come up to preview, I scroll down the the list of forms on the left, and I un-check the box next to Notes. I then look at the forms to be printed, and see that the blank pages are no longer there, and then click on [Print] at the top of the screen.  I am not satisfied with either approach, but they do work.