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Problem with ProSeries 2020 Form 1065 Page 3

Level 2

I am filing  LLC Partnership return (1065). ProSeries is showing error messages " If the PR is an entity, name of the designated individual for the PR", Address and Phone Number. Form 1065 page 3

I have set up PR as an individual  using their Social Security Number,. This is my third year filing the

same way with no problem until this year. The PR as stated above is not an entity, but I  cannot

clean up error messages on page 3 form 1065.

Any help ????

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Level 11

I am away from my office now but you may want to take a look at the main partnership information worksheet and I think that question is answered there.. I've never had a problem with that...

Level 2

Thanks PATAX, I had to make a change on SCH K-1 worksheet, PR choice on

this form should be unchecked.