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Prior Year Turbo Tax

I have a client who has been using Turbo Tax for many years. They have several assets. The prior year tax return has 50 pages of useless reports but no asset listing. Aside from the fact that it is illegal in Oregon not to provide an asset listing (and Intuit gets around that law by saying "we're not preparing their taxes, we just provide the software ... they are preparing it themselves....), 

Does anyone know how I can get the asset listings that Turbo Tax uses? The customer says he can't  get into Turbo Tax now unless he pays them $150 for the current year return, which obviously he doesn't want to do (and I don't blame them -- Turbo Tax has done it wrong for over 10 years, why should they continue to pay Turbo Tax?!?!?)

It's the same company. Shouldn't they be able to transfer the records into ProSeries or something? Anyone have any experience with this?

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When they save a copy with all worksheets, a depreciation detail sheet very similar to ProSeries gets included.   Do you see depreciation on the Sch E?

He may be right, I think they have until Oct 15 to save a copy or they get locked out until they pay for the current year. He should be able to pay for the lowest priced package to get access though.

He should ask over in the TT community to see what his options are.

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Have they considered what you would charge to create the asset listing and values from scratch? It might be cheaper to pay to access that TT data.

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