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Printing problems with ohio returns

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We are having several problems printing the Ohio returns.

On some workstations with an HP M401 printer, many lines will have characters missing.  Not always the same characters, but it seems never a perfect page.

All of our workstations are connected to two different models of Lanier copiers that they can print to.  Printing to the Lanier MP C307 PCL6 seems to work, but printing to Lanier MP4002 PCL6 does not - Proseries SAYS that it is printing and no error is indicated, but nothing from the Ohio return prints - Federal returns print ok on these printers.

(I called tech support three times - each time after lengthy periods on hold the hold music stopped but there was no person on the line.)

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I have had the same issue - new Brother printer has issues (mostly with page 2) - not all the time but enough to be annoying - works when I send it to my HP printer or if I print a pdf and rerun the return. I guess I'm glad to see I'm not the only one with issues - Of course I'm in Ohio - no issues with other states or federal returns

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Update - 

I resolved this by installing newer printer drivers for the printers that were having problems. This is frustrating in that we have been using these same printers (and drivers) for several years with the ProSeries  programs, BUT SUDDENLY this year, THE PROGRAM  HAS A PROBLEM WITH THEM.

ProSeries support DID NOT suggest changing drivers.  I just did that on my own, trying to find something.

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