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Plus-up Payments

Level 3

Does anyone have clients receiving these "Plus-Up Payments"?  I have had about 4 already.  They are receiving an additional stimulus check.  However, they already received the full amount.  Can they cash them?  Should they be sent back?  

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Level 14

The Plus-up Payments are for the third EIPs - the $1400 payments - correct?   So your clients received the full amount allowed and are now receiving more?

Level 3

This is correct.

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Level 15
Level 15
are they SS recipients? IRS sent out double payments to lots of SS recipients when SSA forwarded them the direct deposit info and IRS failed to cross match who had already been paid...I wouldnt be surprised if they want that erroneous payment back

Level 15

I believe you are referring to more 2021 advance payments for having children. Did these people file their 2020 tax returns? 

The $1,400 alone would have been for a single person. If children were added in the 2020 return, there is now an extra $1,400 for each child.


Cash the checks. because everyone knows that IRS really has a handle on this!

Here's wishing you many Happy Returns