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Paying Deferred SE Tax by 12/31/20 and 12/31/21

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Trying to figure out how a self-employed person actually pays the self-employment tax deferred for 2020 *(see Schedule SE, Part III).  I can't seem to find anything in the SE tax instructions, on the IRS website, or in the filing instructions letter generated by ProSeries.  I know 1/2 is due by 12/31/21 and other 1/2 due by 12/31/22.  Is there a specific transmittal form and/or address to use?  Can you set up in ProSeries to automatically epay on those dates?  Do you just go to IRS website and say you want to epay balance due for 2020?  HELP

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Level 15
I dont think anyone has seen any guidance for this. I thought I read somewhere that IRS would send a bill/notice for it, but I cant confirm this to be true.

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Excellent, your research has reached the same conclusion as mine. 🙂  If there's been any guidance from the IRS, I haven't seen it yet.  I would just make a list of clients in this situation and blast out an email later in the year once the IRS figures out what they're doing.


PS: On one of my vacations I did some camping in the "NW Angle" of MN.  Driving there (from MN to Canada then back to MN) had the most interesting border security I've ever seen.  It was a building about the size of a small shed with a U.S. phone on one wall and a Canadian phone on the other.  You literally just "phoned in" your immigration.

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Never knew border control like that existed, @rbynaker!  Interesting.

I also came to the same conclusion: https://proconnect.intuit.com/community/lacerte-tax-idea-exchange/deferred-self-employment-taxes/idc...

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The guidance by the IRS is that they will send a reminder for the "employer" and right now, that seems to apply to the self-employed employer.

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For awhile because of COVID, the border was closed to visitors attempting to enter Canada by car.  It may be open now or soon?  There was an article in Minneapolis paper about the ice road US residents were using to get to their homes at the NW Angle during COVID.

I remember going fishing with my uncle in Canada about 20 years ago.  He didn't bother to tell me about his DUI from the 70's in California that supposedly had been expunged.  But the Canada guards knew about it...ended up just going back home.