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pay-by-refund incentive amount

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Hi , my name is Brafi , owner of Eaglet 2000 LLC tax services. I want to know the amount of the pay-by-refund incentive that will be deposited into our accounts ending of August, beginning Sept. Can someone give me the details of the amount...? We filed taxes from January all through August. Thank you.

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This is  peer to peer volunteer message board, you won't get the answer you're looking for here, nobody here has access to your account, sorry.


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Check out https://proconnect.intuit.com/pay-by-refund/resources/ There is a phone number in there with really nice helpful people that can answer your question. 

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I just looked at that link and WOW, you charge the clients an extra $60 (PLUS State) to have your tax preparation fee taken out of their refund.