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PA part-year resident New York Income not flowing to PA40

Level 3

Some help please. Anyone a PA expert? 

Taxpayer works NY, lived 4 months PA. 

In the PA part-year resident return. 

Federal wages flow to the Gross Comp Worksheet as PA State comp. But these wages flow straight to Schedule SP as non-PA W2 income, Gross Comp on his main PA-40 is zero. Other small pieces of income such as capital gain flow to the PA-40. 

As a result his PA-40, shows very low income, $16 of tax owing, and no credit from the taxes paid to NY. 

Also the PA-40 shows "M" in the top right (pulled in from info worksheet), but further down in PA-40 line 19a which shows filing status is "00" instead of "02" for Married.

Feels to me like the PA-40 is not pulling through correctly from Federal?

Any help much appreciated

Thanks Nolan 

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Level 10

Nolan schedule SP is only used for tax forgiveness for low-income individuals. Usually if an individual is working he is not eligible for schedule SP tax forgiveness. Make sure you enter the W2 correctly and indicate which state witholding New York or PA and the applicable wages for each, If the W2 is segregated by state .  If you have to file part-year resident returns for both NY and Pa then you may have to allocate the wages. I am not an expert on NY State tax returns and I think they are a bit more complicated than PA returns. I would go on both the New York and PA Department of Revenue websites and print out the instructions on how to file part year resident returns. Part-year resident returns for Pennsylvania and the other state are always  a little tricky  and require a little more due diligence ... Hope this helps... Just my opinion