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Opportunity Fund credi

Level 2

I am trying to amend a clients tax return and take advantage of the Opportunity Fund Credit. the instruction I have are as below:

Reporting Opportunity Fund Deferrals

When electing to defer a capital gain through an Opportunity Fund, the taxpayer would report the capital gain on IRS Form 8949 in the standard manner, but include an additional IRS Form 8949 to report the deferral of capital gain in the following manner:

  • Use Part I and check box (C) if deferring short-term capital gains
  • Use Part II and check box (F) if deferring short-term capital gains
  • Enter the Name and EIN of the Qualified Opportunity Fund in box (a) Description if property
  • Enter date of investment in box (b) Date acquired
  • Enter “Z” in box (f) Code
  • Enter investment (amount) in boxes (g) Amount of Adjustment and (g) Gain or (loss)

Taxpayers who report other capital gains with either box (C) on Part I or box (F) on Part II checked may use the same IRS Form 8949 to report the deferral of capital gain as specified above.


Unfortunately, Pro-series is not allowing me to create an additional IRS Form 8949 to report the deferral of capital gain. Does anyone have an experience with this.

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Level 15
Level 15
Ive never had any of these, but does Form 8997 help at all? It looks like its connected to the 8949.

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