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Ohio - RITA Form 37

Level 2

Taxpayer is a full year Ohio resident.  Ohio has municipality tax liabilities and an individual is required to complete RITA (Regional Income Tax Agency) Form 37.  I hit the send button to e-file the Ohio tax return last night but I'm unsure if the RITA form 37 was e-filed along with the Ohio state return or if the RITA form must be mailed in to the RITA agency separately by regular mail.  Any thoughts from anyone?


--Jack Markey

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Level 7

ProSeries does not transmit RITA returns.  RITA's web site has online filing but I just have my clients mail in the RITA returns. 

Level 2

Thank you Jim.  Much appreciated for your prompt reply.  --Jack

Level 3

I have an Ohio client and found the same thing. Tax is usually zero since the employer withholds the correct amount of tax. I upload the RITA to clients Vault account where he can print and mail.

Level 2

Awesome!  Thanks so much for your insights - they are appreciated.  --Jack

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