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Not eligible for efile, Simplified AMT foreign tax credit limitation

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Proseries is telling me a return is not eligible for efile because we elected the Simplified AMT foreign tax credit limitation.  It was apparently elected first in a prior year.  The return has foreign tax credits from an RIC mutual fund, no other type of foreign income.

Proseries lists just Form 1116 (Copy 1), no other Form 1116s except the AMT 1116.

I think we've had AMT & FTC in the past with no problem filing electronically.

The Proseries help line assistants are unable to help or explain. 

I'd like to file the return electronically, anyone know of a workaround?.


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I'm experiencing the same electronic filing rejection.   This return qualified last year.   On my return, it does not reject for electronic filing once the foreign tax paid is under $300.   How do we "not" elect the Simplified AMT Foreign Tax Credit?

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Several other people report this today.

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In my case we elected the Simplified AMT limit in a prior year and apparently once you do that you can't change without IRS approval.  The election is made on Form 6251 below line 7. With this return there is more than $300 in FTC.  I'm going to file a paper return with Form 8948 stating that ProSeries says its not eligible for electronic filing because of the Simplified AMT FTC limit.  

Thanks for responding.



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If the simpified amount has to be used, then the only option is to paperfile the returns.  It is the irs side efile specs that are not updated at this point.  Yes this is new this year.  If they do not have to use this, go to form 6251 and mark no for simplified amount and the error goes away.