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Non-US Citizen Tax Prep for CTC

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Please share your experience related to non-US citizen tax return filing for CTC.

I have a husband/wife with ITIN; children have SSN. Taxpayers want to file a tax return as they are eligible for CTC.  For example, taxpayer is telling me they have $30k income paid off the books. Taxpayer has no proof of income. On one hand, I am reluctant to prepare this return not having proof of income. On the other hand, the client is trying to do the right thing and pay his share of fed, state and local tax, but, of course, he also wants the CTC. 

How are other preparers handling this situation?  

Thank you for your input!

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" the client is trying to do the right thing and pay his share of fed, state and local tax,"

for this year.

What about all the other years when they didn't file?

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I always ask them if they deposit any payments on their bank account, if they do, start there.  If they said they got cash, ask if the employer can write them a letter saying that he paid them x amount of money.  If they don't believe that the employer will do that, then have write and sign an statement of how much they made with as much detail as possible.  Depending on the kind of job they do, probably they will have expenses and ask them for receipts of expenses.  If they cannot provide that then is better not file taxes for them.  My opinion.  

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Yadir, thank you for the information. I very much appreciate learning of your approach. 

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