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New return due date of May 17, 2021 - I need to make this the payment due date

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Since the new filing due date is 5/17/21, I need the payment date to be 5/17/21, but the software generates an error?

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There was an Alert today regarding this.   Big yellow banner across top of the screen.      IRS hasn't made the change yet so ProSeries cannot make the change yet.   

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Any guess when this change will be made by the IRS and therefore ProSeries?

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Yeah, I am waiting for Proseries to make the change/updates for this also. I just tried to call Proseries support line but the wait time is over an hour.

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Give the taxpayer the option to have you set it up for April 15th, or they can do it themselves (such as on IRS Direct Pay) if they want it done after that.

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or give them a 1040-V and tell them to write a check(if they know what that is) and mail on May 17th.

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