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Need to find missing customers in 2018 to transfer into 2019

Level 3

I am missing some customers files in 2018.  They are active clients and I will need them so transfer into 2019.  I have looked all over and not found them.  I think they are out on C:/ but don't know the command to use to look.

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Level 15

If you know the client file name, open up file explorer on your computer.  Then look at your C drive, then open up the file "ProWin18".  Once you have that opened, open the "18data" folder and see if you can find it there.

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If they are in another directory some how, the extension for 2018 data files is "name.18i" for 1040s, "name.18s" for s corps, etc.

So search for *.18*

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