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MA Unemployment updates and payment due date

Level 2

do you know when the program will be update for the change in report unemployment in MA for 2021


"4/2/21 - As a result of a recent state law change, taxpayers with household income not more than 200% of the federal poverty level may deduct up to $10,200 of unemployment benefits from their taxable income on their 2020 and 2021 tax returns for each eligible individual. Federal law allows a deduction of up to $10,200 if the taxpayer’s federal adjusted gross income is less than $150,000. Since the Massachusetts income threshold is different from the federal income threshold, some taxpayers may be eligible for a deduction on their federal tax return but not on their Massachusetts tax return.  **The full amount of unemployment compensation paid to the taxpayer is reported on the return (Form 1, line 8a or Form 1 NR/PY, line 10a).  A deduction under the new provision should be reported on Schedule Y, line 9 . ** Note that that full amount of the unemployment compensation received is included in the calculation of household income for the purpose of calculating eligibility. "

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Level 8

The same answer posted many times before.  We're just a bunch of tax preparers.  Call ProSeries and ask them.  We have no idea when they will update software until they announce it.

Level 15

A group of users have done some calculations on this subject.  Our best bet is somewhere between today and October 15th.  Intuit probably could provide a narrower estimate but they really don't like to keep their customers informed.

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Level 3

Another year, and another year ProSeries unable to put out software updates in a timely manner.  

"Expected availability dates are estimates only and provided as a courtesy."

Courtesy!  How about competency.

Level 3

I can't understand why Proseries has not updated the MA state return for unemployment AND for allowing the taxpayer to pay their tax due after April 15th. PLEASE! Drake software users and many others have updated their software programs. PLEASE, PLEASE update this. I live in MA and can't finish any of these returns. At least respond to this. Thank you.

Level 4

@IntuitBettyJoThe same issue for Lacerte.  We have 7 returns on hold.

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